Cocoa Beach OpX adjusted  RA Performance Code - When Mindset Matters Most

As RA's, we do not always have the luxury of knowing what, when, where and for how long.  We must prepare ourselves for the unknown both mentally and physically.  We encourage our community to revisit this checklist at least once a month to help refocus efforts:     
Performance is 90% mental and 10% physical. Mindset is essential. Prep your mind and your body will follow.

2.     The wider the Base, the taller the Pyramid. A solid training base is critical prior to adding complex skills. If the process is there, the advanced skill sets will come easier.

3.      The human body is a unique capability; develop yours and be the best at what you do.

4.      Build your human capability. Make the decision to carry out an intelligent and disciplined plan, and then do it. This is a defining factor in personal victory or defeat.

5.      As a capability, you are only as strong as your weakest point. Eliminate your weak point.

6.      Technique and form matter. Stop when mechanics break down. Train proper execution now. Train muscle failure later.

7.    Everything you do requires movement proficiency, capacity, agility, and endurance; excel in all areas and elevate your performance.

8.     Training hard is important. Training smart is a must. Just because it’s good, doesn’t mean it’s appropriate.

9.      Adjust training stress properly, don’t crush yourself daily. Listen to your mind and body, respect recovery, and rest when necessary.

10.     Your mind and body adapt remarkably well to stress. Be consistent and patient. Think progress over time, not overnight.

11.      Hurt and injured are two different things. Performing hurt is the exception, not the rule, and necessary on occasion. Get help and repair injuries before they become permanent.

12.     You never know what’s next. Readiness is critical. Anticipate the toughest problem but maintain a solid foundation.

                                                                          Rescue Athlete

                                                                    - When Mindset Matters Most -

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